Back-to-school time at home too! 6 ways to teach your kid to conserve energy.

Do you want more ways to get those cooling and heating bills down? Simple math will show that the more people in your home, the higher energy bills can be just by usage alone. It’s always a good time to teach your kids the basic math of cooling and heating academics (and yourself) to conserve more energy!

Here’s a list for how your kids can “Be Green” in their bedroom:

Hey Kids! Listen up:

Cell phone: Done charging? Then unplug the charger from the wall. The charger wastes energy when nothing is plugged in.

Laptop/computer: Let the kids sleep and you will save. Show them how to set power management features on their computer.

Guitar amp: Even if they want to be a rock star, unplug the amp when not being played.

Light switch/ceiling fans/tv:  Turn them off when they leave the bedroom. The room doesn’t need to be comfortable or entertained!

Vents: Make sure vents aren’t blocked in their bedrooms. It takes far less energy to pump air conditioning or heat into the room when the vents aren’t covered.

Windows: if you hear air blowing in when a window is closed, have them tell you so that it can be sealed up.

Other ways your kids can conserve?

Buy less packaging: Help your kids choose products with less packaging material and to use or repair what’s on hand rather than buying and consuming more.

Be creative! Use creative methods to reuse, reduce and recycle. For example, by making pretend swords out of cardboard paper towel rolls or use boxes to build play cities.

Recycle Paper: Designate a bin in your house for used paper so that recyclable paper won’t get mixed up with your trash.

Get out of the car: Walk, bike, or use public transportation with your kids whenever you can instead of driving the car.

Turn off the water: Teach your kids to turn off the water while they brush, and to conserve water by taking shorter showers or put less water in the bathtub.

Let your kids know that the Earth is considered to be somewhere between 3 and 5 billion years old. That’s even older than they think you really are! In conserving more energy we’re also helping the environment. Your kids will feel good about caring for Earth and you will enjoy lower heating bills in the meantime.

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